Recovery -update

Hi all ,

I just wanted to post an update on my recovery so far . I had an avm brain haemorrhage in June 2012.I was left with double vision ,left side weakness( partially paralysed )walking /balance problems.

16 months later

Vision is 90% back (only double vision when looking down to left
Balance /walking I now walk unaided . When climbing stairs need hand rails .( look drunk when tired )
Left side still a bit weak . Writing not great ( left handed ) started to try learn with right hand.
I an not back working as I find fatigue a problem . I do be very tired and can’t sleep ( next battle )

Reason I posted this is for people to stay strong as I do believe a positive attitude really helps recovery .


Thank you so much for the update. It does help others to know that things improve!!!

Do you mind me asking where your bleed was located. My husband had similar issues and his was on the cerebellum. We are coming up on 8 months and he has no more double vision or vision issues, dizziness is gone, however he still walks very slow and with a cane. His walking issues are not related to weakness, but rather his brain sending the proper messsages for the leg to move. Also, what was most effective in assisting with your walking? This is are one remaining obstacle and I am looking for anything we can to improve upon this. I appreciate your post. It provides great encouragement.

Hi emmam,

I'm glad to here you are getting better. Thank you for sharing this with us. It helps us/and others to know, not to give up. That things can improve. I completely agree with you, that a positive attitude helps with the recovery. I've had two back surgeries and that's what got me through the recovery time after them. Laughter was my other tool. :)


My bleed was also in the cerebellum .I also walk slow now but found a treadmill helped but really think it’s down to time as I am better now than I was 3 months ago . My physio said same about me that it my brain sending messages ( only so much physical activity you can do ) take care



Your right about laughter . It’s the best medicine


I have to agree... a positive attitude (I know this is said a lot) and humor really help speed up the recovery. Everyone's journey is different, but we all have our own personal concerns and recovery time is certainly one of them. We have a humor group on here at (along with may other groups) that you may wish to join. Live, Laugh, and Love (wait they already snagged that phrase commercially…I saw it on a plaque in someone’s house but I’ve been saying it before then!) Thank you for posting the update and it sounds like you are making wonderful progress. :J ((( Enmam )))

Hi emma,

such fantastic progress! I know from experience how much work and repetition is required for such remarkable results. Your dedication and hard work will surely inspire others of what is possible. As to fatigue, which continues to be my primary challenge, I found it a slow and steady progress but is something that just continues to improve little by little.

congrats and continued successful recovery!!