Recovery Time after Onyx Embolization in the Masseter Muscle

I will be undergoing Onyx embolization tomorrow to block off two blood vessels in my AVM, which is located in my left masseter muscle. I am unclear how long recovery takes after Onyx embolization. For those who went through treatment for AVMs in their face, what was your first week like? Were you able to chew solid foods? What type of pain did you experience?
It took me almost two weeks to get back to normal after I underwent a cerebral angiogram, and I’m fully aware another catheter in the groin plus an embolization procedure is going to be much more painful, so I’m trying to prepare for the inevitable pain in next few weeks (or months?) after this procedure.
I’m 34, female, relatively healthy, and will be getting treatment in the US.

Thanks in advance

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My son has treatments on his facial avm and each recovery was so different, ranging from being back to normal the next day to swelling taking 2 months to resolve. He’s been embolized with alcohol and bleomycin but not onyx.

Wishing you a successful treatment tomorrow with a super fast recovery!

Who is doing your treatment in the US?


Welcome Sky. I am a brain AVMer and had gamma knife so not much help experience wise! I just want to wish you the best tomorrow and as you will see, and have seen, our members have a ton of experience to pass along. I hope we can help. Take Care, John.


Thank you, Connie. I will undergo treatment with Dr. Feng at Kaiser Permanente in Los Angeles.

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I’m afraid I’m a brain AVM person as well but I had a combined angiogram and PHIL embolization in the back of my head 5 years ago. For my treatment, I was in hospital for a few days (I think 3 nights but could have been 4) and I had two weeks off work as sick leave. When it came to the final week, I had a further week off as holiday just to feel as normal as I could before starting back.

I hope you have a good day today. I’m confident the hospital nurses will look after you beautifully and nobody expects you to be anything other than in need of looking after. Just let them lead you through the day and you’ll be fine.

My wife was in hospital recently and while visiting her, I shared with the ladies in her ward that the way I approach hospital is like I’m in some sort of all inclusive poolside holiday: there’s nothing to do but lie down, it’s always hot in hospital and you get waited on by the nurses very nicely. The food is unremarkable but the looking-after is great! I have to say that the ladies in the ward laughed at my approach but I think they were just as nervous as you as they waited for their procedures.

Have a good day! In fact, have a good few days!



I don’t have a facial AVM but a very large AVM in my left buttock, hip, pelvis. When I get embolizations, yes they are extremely painful and it take me about 2-3 weeks to recover but the most extreme pain only takes about a week to a week and a half to calm down to more milder pain.


Good morning Sky, I hope everything went well with your treatment. Sending speedy healing vibes your way!


Sky, I hope your treatment has been successful and recovery is going better than expected. You’ve been in my thoughts.