Recovery after crainiotomy


My father just had a crainiotomy (on 1-13-16) to treat aneuryism on left side MCA (middle cerebral artery). He has been experiencing visual changes (double vision, loss of focus). Has anyone had experience with this? Will it go back to normal with time?

Are there any personality changes that we should be aware of? What things made recovery easier?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My AVM wasn’t in the same place, but I would have been lost without my ‘V’ shaped pillow - I think they’re actually maternity pillows. It made being in bed & resting on the couch much more comfortable.
Sensitivity to light can be a problem- so blackout blinds or lining in curtains (to make the bedroom darker), also might be beneficial.

Sending best wishes for his speedy recovery.

Its safe to say everyone who has undergone craniotomy has had some type of side effects that have subsided in time…even though they may be different based on age and health of the patient we have also shared common side effects also…it does take some time for these side effects to go away but the best person to ask would be the neurosurgeon that performed the surgery as to their thoughts on the visual disturbances etc… God bless!

Thank you both! He has been sleeping in the recliner in the living room since he got home from the hospital but is getting frustrated with staying in one place for so long. Today we had issues with constipation and loss of feeling from his waist down. The doctor called in a medication for him and things seemed to get better- even regained feeling. Vision is starting to become a little more “normal”. We are just about a week out from surgery. We got him Netflix for Christmas hoping that would keep him busy but he wants to do things now- like walk around. He’s getting tired kf sitting still. My sisters and I were thinking about getting him a mode toy to put together. Trying to think outside of the box.

I appreciate the feedback from both of you! God bless!

Hi Daughter - it seems like your dad is doing fairly well, just out of surgery. It might be okay to walk around the house a little bit, or outside with some assistance. If he has the physical ability to walk, speak to the doctor/assistant and see how you can incorporate some very light movement for your dad. Recovery can sometimes take longer than we would like it to, but patience will really be his best friend. Best wishes to you and your Dad :).