Recovering from third Gamma Knife

Hi all,

I’m recovering from my third Gamma Knife surgery. I also have had two failed attempts at embolization, all in response to a 2006 brain bleed. A second bleed last year bluntly indicated that the AVM grew back, so here I am yet again.

It’s been two and a half weeks since the procedure, but the back of my head is so tingly. The screw holes are slowly healing, but my head is a delicate fish tank again. I’m just so exhausted, and on top of surgery I’ve been fighting infections since I left the hospital.

Just needed to rant to people who understand! :heart: Thanks everyone for listening!

From, Julia


Sorry to hear you’re on your third gamma knife, hope everyone goes well this time. I had gamma knife a week and half ago. I feel dead energy wise and dizzy since. The top left part of my head is tingly and numb still.

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Happy we’re able to be here for you! Don’t ever worry about expressing yourself here, while we are all different we have a lot in common, and I believe we do understand, or at least way better than most! I had gamma knife back in 2016, lucky only one time. Hopefully the healing goes smoother and the bumps are in the rearview. I hope the energy returns for both of you. Patience is so important. Take Care, John.


Thanks Matt! Sounds like we are in the same boat. I feel so exhausted both mentally and physically.

Were you treated at Toronto Western? I had Dr. Schwartz for Gamma Knife. It sounds like we just missed each other… of course Gamma Knife clinic always runs on Wednesdays.

Wishing you a speedy recovery, too!


I had dr Schwartz as well. He didn’t say much only saw him in the morning of the operation.

Hope everything goes well for you.


Why don’t you just take the AVM out of your body? GK + Embolization clearly failed for you.

When you have an AVM near the brain stem like I did you can’t just take it out. You’d end up dead or very seriously brain damaged.

Original poster:
I had GK twice and ended up with some deficits but I’m able to cope. It’s very difficult to hang on sometimes. We understand.

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Shwartz is one of the eminences in gamma knife.

He anticipated my results of no longer AVMF over the phone a year ago; later on he also sent me a profuse report with a lot of extra information, plus a technical repertoire of technicalities to my family doctor.

Warm person, very friendly and willing to answer any questions. He is an undisputed authority within his team of neurologists, and according to what I have heard, he is also an authority internationally.

Despite having given me the very good news, he also told me that the style of his team is to continue the annual monitoring. That is why I must call him again on my first anniversary of his personal call.

A wonderful person, in addition to his professional excellence.

Good luck!