Recommended Neurosurgeon Phillip Steig

I was 27 years old when I had my Left AVM surgery done...I was also 3 months pregnant with my daughter....The Dr.said one of us might not survive..But 13 hours later he saved us both! And because I had AVM surgery they did a C-section as not to put any pressure on my head, 6 months later....ok so I was half bald and pregnant! lol I couldnt wait for my hair to grow back in!! I woke up one night having the most excrutiating headache ever...I had a prenatal appt. in Boston ma. right across from Brigham and Womans Hospital in Boston, Ma. and I would not respond to my Dr. questions..She right away knew something was wrong...She walked us across the St. to the Hospital and the rest is history!! Neurosurgeon Phillip Stieg saved my life! They said the AVM exploded as they went into my head..I am blessed as my little girl was born six months later and she was fine!!!. I never had a near death experience or anything like that as some people might have I think I was in total Shock actually!!! It really didnt dawn on me that I almost died that day and my Neurosurgeon saved my life!!! I couldnt pronounce my words in the recovery room I could only spell my answers so it did affect my speech only for a short time though....I remember my skull felt numb for about a year!! Felt so funny!!! They wanted me to use a cane at home but I refused...I walked myself...I did lose my job as I forgot I had to work a day I believe that was related to my brain recovering! I did not like to be half bald!! I would use colored scarfs wrapped around my head to cover the baldness!! lol I guess I really did realize how lucky I had been to survive until a few years later...I am so thankful to my neurosurgeon Dr. Phillip Steig!!!