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Recommendations regarding east coast hospitals


I have a diagnosis of an AVM of the mandible area. Received diagnosis from local vascular team in 2015. Nothing done at that time per their finding. I feel like a walking time bomb so Iam looking for a second opinion as to whether or not anything can or should be done. I have been feeling ok but I am always concerned about the diagnosis. I have bee looking at John Hopkins in Baltimore or NYU Langone in New York. HAs anyone gone to either of these hospitals and if so your thoughts?


Try birthmark.org for suggestions


Someone had recommended previously this dr
Dr Robert Solomon at Columbia University Hospital is a world renowned neurosurgeon and has operated on more aneurysms and AVMs than any other surgeon in the tri-state area.

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I know your post is rather dated. Let us know if you have made appts. I wanted to add that some AVM specialists specialize in conditions of the face, they are plastic surgeons by training. Whereas my specialist is a Interventional Radiologist for Extremities, and some pts. need a neurosurgeon. When on birthmark.org, look for Ambassador Kay Kay. She has been treated in NYC several times. Or ask Dr. LINDA. Is your AVM actually in the bone? I send my best wishes.