Recent MRI report

Well, tonight I developed that horrible sick feeling in the pit of my stomach again. My daughter received a call from the HMC Vascular Radiologist to let her know that the report of Grace’s MRI on June 29 showed a dramatic increase in size, so he pulled the films himself to look and said it definitely was an increase - not sure he would label as dramatic - suggested the vascular team to review. I told my daughter we need to wait and speak to someone at Dr Rosenwasser’s office next week to see if the disc was forwarded to him, since he is following Grace. She will be calling him on Monday. - Cindy

I had some problems with doctors not looking at my early MRI’s so that my AVM grew bigger. If they had looked at the first MRI, then it would have been a much smaller surgery on my brain. Later on when we tried to get copies of all the MRI’s and other stuff, the early ones they missed reading had “disappearred”. So, I’d recommend that you get a copy of each MRI, CAT scan or whatever. It was good to look at it and see them for myself.

My prayers are for Grace, Cynthia…Please keep us informed.

Cindy, be strong… Hug hug…

My heart goes out to both of you.

Take care,

Thank you Armand, Louisa, Jessica and Deb - we are starting to hurt emotionally all over again, but know we need to wait to hear from Dr Rosenwasser - Cindy

I just was at Dr. Rossenwasser office and I did not get good news; Howvever know he is an excellent dr…saved my life so know at least your in great hads. She is beautiful and what a awesme grandma. I will pray for her…xoxoxMare

Hi Mare, Just read some of your postings - sorry to hear about your MRI report. I thank you for your kind words and prayers - you have been added to my prayer list. Thanks again - Cindy

Hay Cynthia & Grace, my thoughts, prayers and healing energy are going your way, try to stay positive

Kia Kaha Taiki