Reality...the day after

I waited to go to the hospital today til they were done the post surgery testing.
I was talking to the nurse about family visiting. He’s like, they can come in, don’t touch him, don’t speak, he needs NO stimulation. I said he needs NO visitors.
We have come this far & all is good. If his brain needs no stimulation, that is what he gets.

I have watched so much family drama (other families in intensive care situations) this past week.
Many people worry about their personal feelings. This is about my husband, their Dad, brother, friend & etc…And we want him to live, so if everyone has to stay away for abit, we will!!

My husbands name is Jim. He has no response to any stimulation in his right arm. Hopefully it will come back. I don’t know…I’m guessing the rest of you know better than me…

Since you can’t get to a bookstore right now to read Stroke of Insight but you can get to the internet, this person had a massive AVM bleed and with lots of family support recovered from a dismal looking situation.

Stay strong for Jim! He WILL recover. said the story isn’t available anylonger

The Oprah interview is about 1.5 hours and in depth. This one is 20 minutes from a conference but still inspiring. This woman was in a coma and took years to recover.

I just received the book for Christmas. It is available on for a lot less $$ than the book store. I’m only a few chapters into it so far, but I think it is a “must read”.

try to stay strong and positive…after my operation i had no response eithier…but i am still here working hard to make a full recovery…and i know i will… ihave learnt to walk again…and are still working hard to regain use of my left arm and hand…but deep inside i know i will…it is just alot of hard work, patience and determination…your husband will get there too…but it is a long road…hang in there…you and your hubby are in my prayers xxx

you are doing what you need to by giving him time to rest . It will be better for him and your family . Less drama for all. BEST WISHES TO YOU

After Andrew’s surgery he couldn’t move his right side or speak. By the time we left the hospital he was speaking fine and moving everything. He did continue to have weakness on his right side, mainly his leg, but nothing that was outwardly noticable. After returning home he was evaluated for PT & OT and did not need either one. Everyone recovers differently, but the brain and body are amazingly resilent. Time and patience are hard to have when all we want is our loved one back how they were before. Stay strong.

My husband still can’t communicate at all today. His eyes did go from his daughter
to me once & we felt a spark of recognition, but that was it. I keep telling him that they are making him better. He kind of looks very scared to me.
WOW…this is very hard. Again, thank-you all for being here.

Heidi. I just can’t believe that they have told you NOT to talk to him or touch him. It seems to me that the best thing would be for him to hear his families’ gentle voices and encouragement. I’m sure he IS terrified and I think he needs to feel and hear his family around him being strong. I understand the rest part but I believe that someone in that state does hear and is very aware of their surroundings and the ‘atmosphere’ in the room.
Anyway, I guess the doctors know best? Stay strong. Thinking of you.

I’m very surprised that you aren’t allowed to talk to Jim. Did the doctor say why you shouldn’t?

Glad you’re so strong for him. Its interesting, in the Stroke of Insight book, the neurosurgeon author actually talks positively about stimulation for the person who is recovering. Obviously in moderation, but she questions the past practice of total quiet & rest. I am sure your doctors know what’s best though, but it doesn’t hurt to question.

All the best.