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Reading Problems


I had a brain bleed over twelve years ago from a right-frontal AVM. It affects my short-term memory, so reading can be a real challenge. In the past, I could read a book, make notes about it, and then use those notes to jog my memory about the story before starting a new chapter. Nowadays, I’m finding a different issue. When I read, it feels like someone has cut a big hole all the way through the book. Picture something like this (without the batteries!):

It seems like something different than forgetting what happened… it’s like my brain can’t even process the information in the first place, unless I’m reading like middle-school aged books.

Does this happen to anyone else?


I’m so sorry to hear your struggle :confused: I honestly don’t know how I would feel, considering I love to read. Very frustrating I assume. Unfortunately I’m sorry I can’t be of much help since my damage was more towards using my left side of my body (and apparently math but I haven’t yet encountered a situation where I have to do math from the top of my head BUT I do recall at the very beginning not being able to tell time)


I have difficulty reading since my stroke. It’s my memory. By the time I reach the bottom of a page, I’ve forgotten what I read at the top.


Exactly. Or quite often I meet a new character, and then they come up again in a few pages, and I have no clue who they are.