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Reader’s Digest


Just thought I would share that the most recent edition of the Canadian magazine Reader’s Digest has a health article about a brain bleed caused by an AVM. Normally I just skim the magazine for the jokes, but the title “what’s wrong with me” caught my eye. The symptoms listed were headache and nausea… exactly the symptoms I experienced for the first time over 11 years ago when my brain AVM bled, so I read the article and found that it was in fact describing this condition!

It’s humbling when it says that it affects less than 1% of the population… we are that percent!!


Thanks, I haven’t looked at a Readers Digest in years, used to have a subscription! I will certainly track a copy down and have a read! John


We are special.lol


LOVE IT !! Truth is the so called “1% er’s” wouldn’t/couldn’t last a day in are shoes !!
Kell is right, we are special,


I wrote in to Reader’s Digest thanking them for covering this condition, and my letter was chosen to appear in their July/August edition! :slight_smile:
From, Julia