Re: PAVM Embolization Procedure

… has anyone had or knows someone who has had a lung and/or pulmonary (PAVM) embolization procedure done and if so was it successful the first time, had any reoccurrences &/or had any complications … pros /cons … was it worth it … did the pain disappear … we’re you able to go back to a normal routine etc … would you recommend the procedure … Any info will be greatly appreciated … Thanks!

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I have not had one my avm is in my head-I did a search and you may want to ping one of the people directly to find out

Make sure you see a specialist who has done many of these ask lots of questions and get a second opinion

I had three pulmonary AVMs treated by transcatheter coil embolization at UCLA (Center of Excellence for HHT) in 2013. Procedure was successful the first time, no general anesthesia, no complications. It must be performed by an experienced interventional radiologist who is knowledgeable about HHT. Improved physical health and fatigue immensely.
I have had a few occasions of chest pain that subsides after a few minutes. No one has been able to tell me the cause and have ruled out any cardiac problem.

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Hi Fvdv

I am new to this site and have been diagnosed with a PAVM May 2017. I haven’t had the procedure done and would like to know how you are going and whether you have been able to exercise and do all sorts of physical work afterwards.



I had my first pavm treated in hospital on Friday. It was a scary experience, but the staff put me at ease straight away. I can’t tell you if I will feel better as yet, but I strongly recommend that you have it done.
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Well done! I’m sure that getting an embo done on a PAVM is quite scary! You’re doing ok? Friday is no time at all.

I have a brain AVM and I was worried about having an embolization but actually, it was very survivable. If I needed another one, I’d have it without question. I know you’re up for another soon, so do you feel ok about it, having done it once already? I hope so.

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