Does anybody else here celebrate their re-birthdays? Haha.

Today is my second re-birthday from my AVM incident. Two years ago on this day, I had just woke up with the biggest headache and, after calling my mom on the house phone downstairs using my cellphone, was rushed to the hospital. I was in a coma for a few weeks after that.

Technically my re-birthday should be around the last week of August, but since the exact date of my “rebirth” is uncertain, my family and I commemorate my incident, waking up from the coma and the improvements I’ve m ade in therapy on this day.

Clearly though, August is my rebirth month, and the month that changed my life forever back in 2008.

I don’t wish for material gifts like people receive on their actual birthdays, but I do hope to make more progress with my physical condition, especially with the left side of my body.

Hi Jill, lots of us here do. Mine was this past week. I celebrated my recent 6 year AVM recovery bday by going up 800 feet on a para-sail in Lake Tahoe, lol. So AVM’s officially make you go crazy I found out!

Sure do! I just had my 5-year on July 28th, which I beleive happens to be the same date as James’.

BTW, James, the last time I was in Tahoe was 5 weeks prior to my surgery. My wife and I were getting married overlooking the lake.

I LOVE the re-birthday idea. I received a gift of an adorable kitten recently from a friend who said we were born on the same day - April 23rd - my surgery date where I was Re-born. And I feel so much different about llife - it was a very close call and I came very close to death according to the neurosurgeon. I even had a near-death vision of my late father reaching out his hand to me and telling me I was going to be alright. So, I know I was re-born and think it deserves a celebration. Thanks for the great idea!

Jill- Happy Re-birthday! And yes, so many members do this and I think it’s awesome. I don’t have quite the same story as all of you since I’ve known about mine forever and have had treatments forever. But I’m looking forward to when I can say I’m AVM free and will celebrate that day for the rest of my life.
It’s these “good” things that we all can do, can recognize, can celebrate that makes us the awesome group of survivors that we are! The resilience and the will to live, to thrive, to be happy is what makes our little AVM family such a great group of people. And I KNOW that it encourages others who are newly diagnosed to see that their struggle will eventually end and that they will be able to join everyone in celebrating a re-birthday!
Thanks so much for sharing, and for bringing a smile to me and to everyone else who has read this! I too wish for continued progress for you physically and hope with each re-birthday you see, you can count those “gifts” and celebrate them!
I hope you had a great day!

Hi Jill. Happy re-birthday. Great idea. If my AVM had bled or put me in a coma, you can bet I would celebrate this victory.

Happy (belated) re-birthday!!! Celebrating it is a wonderful idea and could be a ‘positive’ experience that could help you acheive more progress.

yes you so need to celebrate and good for you! I just celebrated my daughter’s re-birth on August 5 of 2 months ago!!!