Random worries

I believe I all ready wrote that my cyberknife treatment has been postponed for embolization. I am glad that my exposure to the radiation will be lessened but not too happy about being in the hospital again.

I also feel very uncomfortable with my life being in the hands of all these strangers who I know nothing about. I guess I shouldn’t feel strange about asking these people about their qualifications and experience treating avms…but I guess I don’t want to be insulting.

I am also a bit scared about getting too reliant on painkillers to help manage my headaches. They have been giving me 5m percosets which I have been taking as I need them. I am also concerned about whether the cyberknife treatment will actually eliminate my headaches as the avm shrinks.

I am grateful that I am pretty much able to continue with a normal life …I am still working and feel okay except for these random headaches. (I am a pedestrian in the south so the heat and sun seem to trigger my hadaches quite a lot).