Random head pains and eye twitching

Last few days I have been having random head pains on right side don’t last long and today my right eye has been twitching… I’m coming up on 6 months since my gamma knife. Go March 8th for my 6 months MRI… I have went back to work and have been working alit lately so maybe my brain is tired idk

It could be a number of things for sure. I often get the eye twitches when tired, never thought if it might be related. I guess it happened before I knew I had and AVM and still happens now that its gone. I always matched it with being tired. I had some minor swelling at about the 6 month mark after gamma knife. Nothing I needed medication for, but really odd feeling, more heavy. I also had some ice pick head aches, sharp pains that were very short in duration. Scared the you know what out f me the first couple times!

That is my experience, and it ll faded, minus the eye twitching when really tired. I would certainly seek a MD opinion if concerning. Might be able to do it with a phone call. I do know some gamma knife folks that require a course of steroids due to swelling about the 6 month mark or so. It does mean the radiation is doing its job, I have been told!Take Care, John.

I get no headaches(thankfully :pray:)

But, the eye twitching has been something else - it’s in my left eye & I can’t quite relate it to anything, like stress, etc.

It’ll just start twitching away for hours at a time - I feel it way more than I can physically notice it in the mirror. Sure feels odd tho, it’s on the inside lower corner close to my nose

Everyone’s going to be different but I can relate totally to both weird pains and eye twitching and they both used to scare me bad

Admittedly my eye twitching and head pain mostly went away after surgery then came back sadly

I was personally very stressed and anxious prior to surgery and the eye twitching/head pain was very bad. I have definitely noticed my headaches and eye twitching is worse when I’m stressed or anxious so me personally I think mine is mostly related to stress and anxiety. And they are actually two of the most common symptoms of stress/anxiety

I know my brain was still fixed when they started occurring again so in my case it doesn’t seem to be directly related to the avm