Random Flashbacks Since Stroke

Hello fellow AVM Survivors! I wanted to share an experience of mine and maybe get some similar experiences you may have had? My AVM bled Feb. 2011 causing me, among other deficiencies, problems with my short term memory. However, the long term memory, while initially severly affected (for the first month I couldnt even remember my proper name, and I thought we were in 1997 at least as it was the last thing I remembered) is now better.

However, ever since I have been experiencing something unusual with the long-term memory: I get all of thse random flashbacks from time to time (more often than not). And they are real memories, stuff that actually happened, but inconsequential. For example in 2005 I drove from Vegas to LA and I get sudden images of the road, or I randomly have an image of a friend several years old in a situation that actually happened, etc. The thing is, while this may be normal, it happens to me WAY more often than it used to...and the strange thing is that usually there is no trigger or the trigger is random.

Now as I mentioned I did have short term memory prioblems so the doctors perscribed Aricept for memory, which I still am taking today. I wonder if it may have anything to do with it.

So, does it happen to anyone else? anybody else have frequent, random flashbacks since stroke/surgery?