I DO NOT LIKE having to make this decision whether or not to let them do a super selective angiogram on Marisa to see if they can do an embolization or not. Last March, one doctor added her on Topamax and doubled her Robaxin for her pain and headaches. This did really seem to help with the pain and headaches and she didn’t miss as much school as before. Not until she started the 9th grade this past fall and swim team did she start feeling really fatigued all the time and severe headaches, so maybe if we keep her not on a competitive level, just regular gym, maybe she will be alright and will be able to have a “normal” life.

Hi, Cindy. What is a “super selective angiogram” as opposed to a regular angiogram?

Hi! Connie
As it was explained to me, within the regular catheter that is used for an angiogram there will be a microcatheter to go into the smallest of the blood vessels where they will inject contrast to see how the blood flow is and then decide from there if something can be injected to that area to block the blood flow and what they think would be the best option, ie, glue, coils. Of course, this could cause her to have a stroke and it scares the bejesus out of me and her as well. She hates the thought of having to start all over again or possibly being worse off than she is now. Thanks for your comment.