Rainy Day

Today’s a rainy day in Rhode Island and of course I have a headache. Does everyone get headaches on rainy days?

Not so much headaches, but definitely know it’s raining! My head tingles where the screws from the craini are, like little bugs crawling on my head. Also, my other deficiencies are much more pronounced on rainy days. Seems like many of us have these issues on rainy days.

You are so right Trish…they aren’t what I should call headaches. There is pain from where I had the crani surgery. As well, I have some difficulty thinking on a rainy day. It’s strange isn’t it.

I talked to my therapy yesterday and I think he’s been reading alot about an AVM because he talked alot about how difficult a brain injury is compared to another type of body injury. He’s a mental health therapist. My Speech/Language therapist understands everything totally. She worked for a brain injury rehab at one point, so she understands alot about brain injuried people. That’s why I always look for doctors, therapists, etc. who understand brain injuried people, because if you go to someone who doesn’t, your time with them means nothing.

Hope you are having a good day. I’m off to get some picture frames so I can put them on my walls.


I’m in the process of looking for a new regular doc who has some knowledge of brain injuries. You’re right, if they don’t they do not understand. Can’t go to my neuro. all the time, unfortunately. Yes, it’s beautiful sunshine here today, so all is well in my head, or as well as it can be I should say!


You MUST get a primarly care doc that cares enough to do some research, at the very last! I went to a skin doctor who used to be a premarly care doc and she understood it so well. There was a point when one of my sisters took me to a doctor that understood NOTHING and it set me off mentally really badly. So call your states states doctor Division. There is a division at each state I believe. Tell them you need a doctor that has knowledge of brain injuries. I would give that a shot. THE LAST THING WE NEED IS A PRIMARLY CARE DOCTOR THAT DOES NOT UNDERSTAND OUR PROBLEMS!

I so wish I lived somewhere near you so I could help you. I was a Human Resource Manager and did these kinds of things for my employees. So I still know some things that would help people with Brain Injuries. Hey, maybe I could do something to help other people with Brain Injuries do some of the things I used to do with my employees…I can’t read and write (except on the computer), but I CAN remember! I think I could work from home and help people by answering them on my computer. My neuro doc said I will never again we a Human Resource Manager, but maybe he’s wrong… if I new what state you live in, I could call your state office to find a primarly care doctor that has experience with people who have experienced a brain injury and then I could set up an appt. for you! It could be my new job.

Yes I get a headake and when ai wake up its like everybody please dont say a word. lol


Do you have Left Parietal Lobe brain damage too? If you do, I found out today that you have to can write and read better on a computer than on paper. So if so, always right to people on your computer and you will get better! It’s taken me almost 1 1/2 years, but I am writing better on the computer! But not on paper!

i too fid i get a tingling sensation in my head on a rainy day…and my walking becomes sloppy and i compinsate alot…using incorrect muscles…i seem to have increased tone on rainy and cold days…my muscles become very tight and i find it hard to move

Alicia, we’ve had 3 rainy days in a row…yekkkk How are you doing otherwise? Thank God for our computers is what I say today!

Me too, Louisa! My head always hurts more when it rains or snows. I’ve been been taking a lot of painkillers lately!