A doctor have proposed me a sessions of radiotherapy to reduce the size of my AVM. The doctor think that 30 sesions in all my AVM will be right. Does anyone have proposed similar treatment? How were the results? I really care about the issue of the effects of radiation on mucous membranes, I have fear to leave mesore and bleed.

I don't know much about dosages, but my wife has had two Proton Beam Radiations to reduce the size of her brain AVM.

It is my understanding that it is the total dose of radiation that you are exposed to that you need to worry about. If that is true, maybe 30 session at a low dose is equal to two sessions at much higher doses.

Having said that, a friend of mine about 20 years ago had several polyps in his nose removed. His Dr recommended radiation (I don't know what kind he had). The end result was that my friend died. The radiation killed his sinuses and led to many other issues.

Before he died, he regretted doing the radiation, since the chance of the polyps returning was only about 25% and were easily removed.

It's a tough decision.

Ron, KS