Radiation worries

Today I started to think about the radiation involved in CT angiography. It’s a very high dose, and my doctor told me that several of them would make cancer a worry. With everything going on in my life, I feel like finishing my MD, getting married, and then getting surgery or whatever they offer. At the same time, my neurologist told me that AVMs are highly dynamic so I’d imagine that I would need yet another CT angio next year before treatment (if they even offer me treatment). So far, I have said to my medical school that I want to forge on…I certainly hope that I’m able to do so ‘safely’.

I understand the radiation risks of CT angiograms are high, HOWEVER, I believe most doctors would not let you ‘forge on’ if they did not believe that the knowledge of the AVM was more important. As I read about AVMs it seems that doctors weigh the risks a lot more than I even thought. Is the risk of surgery higher than the risk or bleeding? If the answer is yes, they do not perform the surgery. Same goes for the CT angiogram, is the risk of cancer higher than the risk of the AVM? They will do what they believe is best. I am not certain on this but these are just my thoughts. Good luck on your AVM as well as your MD, and marriage!!

Not to scare you but blantant honesty…I had three embos done last years…first one 3 hrs, second one 6 hrs and third 3 hours…I had to have a lumpectom in my breast as I had irregular cells, which the dr. was sur it was cancer and she as well as neuro said it could have not sure been fom the ct angios…however I go back in may and I pray al lis well on top of which you need o cure the avm… just take one day at a time Vera is all I can say…again, not sure but it seems sometimes the cure has its side effecs too… I am thinking all poistive thoughts as now they may want me to have gamma as treatment and I am so scared…one dr. told me for the amoutn they would hae to give me it would be so so bad yet this dr. says its a possibility…we all have challenges nad they are so individual right? Mare

Hi guys,

Has anyone had MRI angiography? Obviously, it’s WAY better for you! I’m so sorry some of you have had bad experiences with radiation already:(