Radiation question

I had gamma 2 years ago and go an mri today that showed 1/3 reduction in size. No change for over a year. I asked my doctor about a second round of treatment and he said it was more about slowing the blood flow that getting rid of it. Has anybody else heard this or should I find a new doctor?

Hello Jason. I can see how this would definitely be a concern to you. I have no idea why your doc would say that, however mine has stated on more than one occassion that their first goal is to slow the blood flow and the second is to close it off completely. I wish you the best in obtaining answers. Best to you and God bless,

Hi Jason,

I have had to gamma knives done in the past 4 years. Its been just over a year since my 2nd one and there of course is NO change in my avm. My doctor has never said anything about slowing blood flow, then getting rid of it. The point of gamma is to get rid of it right??? I say if within 2 years your avm has shrunk 1/3 of its size that is great! Maybe by the end of the 3rd year it will be gone (always hopeful). I dont know why any dr that is treating someones avm wouldnt want it gone period. Best of luck to you. Maybe at your next appt question him/her further on what he/she exactly means. I ask my dr the same questions every 6 mths because they learn new things with avms. So it never hurts to ask them as much as possible every time. after all we are living with this "time bomb" not them!

I had GK over 2 years ago. My doctor never told me or my family that the goal/purpose is to slow blood flow the purpose of GK is to get rid of the my AVM so I can go on to lead "normal" life without an AVM in my head!

Hi Jason,

It certainly wouldn't hurt to seek out a second opinion on this one! I had radiation treatment back in June and the goal of going thru this treatment is to completely obliterate my AVM. If my doctor told me any different I would make the personal choice to seek a second opinion.

Just my 2 cents ... :)


Without blood flowing into the AVM it will atrophy.

I had gk 2 months ago and i have been told it will get rid of my avm i am now doubtful this will be the case as they have said mine is larger then the average at 5cm -_-

My AVM took 4 years to obliterate after the Gamma Knife. The changes in the last 2 years were much smaller than than the first two. The surgeon said from the beginning that he expected it to take 3 to 4 years & wouldn't connsider doing any more before the 4 yrats were up. If your Dr. isn't letting you ask questions or get satisfaciory answers, then absolutely get another opinion.
Good Luck!