"Quilt for Healthcare"


I just wanted to share this with you, My Daughter Lacey Rouse has started a new web site www.tiptopwebsite.com/supalacey, here you will find information on how to participate in "Quilt for Healthcare"
for those of us who have experienced and share the frustration of our nations current Healthcare system, our system is broken and in need of fixing, Please help to express your thoughts, we will be changing the web site address to it’s proper name ASAP.

This is about Healthcare Reform, It’s about my daughter Lacey Rouse and others like her and there struggle to get the healthcare they need, Lacey a 27 yr old mother of two, 11 month old Bonnie and 2 yr old Lois and husband Matt, she was recently diagnosed with a life threatening disease AVM, she has no healthcare insurance and does not have the funds to pay the medical expenses.

She does have a neurosurgeon who is willing to perform two brain surgeries at no cost, but she struggles to find a hospital that will admit her without insurance or money to pay the expensive hospital bills.

Thank You
Mario Ontiveros