Quilt for Healthcare

Hello, Thank you so much for your concern, you are correct it has been very dificult to watch my daughter try to keep her chin up, but I know her well and I can see through it, she has had a tough time and so have I, yesterday was one of those days, I simply try to make myself available for all her needs and if one says to her that they will be there for her they really need to come through i is so important. I am limited in waht I can do so my time is the best I have for her. She has started a new website simiular to “Quilt for Aids” it is www.tiptopwebsite.com/supalacey, below is the latest informationon it.

Good Morning

This is about Healthcare Reform, It’s about my daughter Lacey Rouse and her struggle to get the healthcare she needs, A 27 yr old mother of two, 11 month old Bonnie and 2 yr old Lois and husband Matt, she was recently diagnosed with a life threatening disease AVM, she has no healthcare insurance and does not have the funds to pay the medical expenses.

She does have a neurosurgeon who is willing to perform two brain surgeries for her at no cost, but she struggles to find a hospital that will admit her.

I will help in anyway I can with the Healthcare Refrom. My son was covered under my health insurance until he turned 18. The co-pays was sending me to the poor house and at age 19 he no longer qualified. He now has state funded insurance. You could see the difference in his care like a light switch has been turned off. Every step is now a fight. The medical professionals (for lack of a better word) look and talk to you so different. Like you are a different person than you were before your insurance changed. When he was under my insurance if I called his doctor I got a return call the same day no later than the next day. Now I am lucky if I get a call back within a week and sometime I get no call at all. It goes much deeper than that but I say this to say I will do all I can to help. It’s sad when you cant get the care you need and deserve. The US is an extremely rich country and when people die because of lack of funds or cant get adequate care it is a sad day. When people ask me what my mother died of I respond poorism. I feel if she had better insurance she would still be here today. What is this world coming to?

Hello Evett Harris

Thank you so much for your comment, I can haer the frustration in your comment, so sad about are countries healthcare problems, they sure need fixing, I hope you visiited the web site www.tiptopwesite.com/supalacey, if you did not please do so now, you can help by participating and making a square for the quilt, you can help by sending this information to those who care and share the same feeling as we do, if you send me email at ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■, I can send you the information you need for the Quilt for Healthcare, I can not send it on this site it is to long to many characters.

Thank You
Mario and Lacey