Quick update

I am back to show a little aid in recovery as always. A few months back I discovered the myopro from the company Myomo through Facebook. (They might indeed be listening to us lol) Anyways here’s the link if you guys are interested. I am currently working with them and hoping that my medicare advantage plan covers the device because OMG!! I was able to move my arm and it felt natural and the device wasn’t doing the job for me. It was just giving my muscles that extra push and they were receiving my brain’s signal to move. I am sharing incase it helps any of you guys recover function and so you can reach out to them :o) And please any prayers and good vibes so Medicare covers it for me!! At first they denied it because it had not been an in person evaluation but my case worker and I were able to get together and hence the videos and now it’s upto medicare from now on :crossed_fingers:t3:

The videos are too heavy to share directly so I hope I am allowed to share it this way:


If it’s not allowed, I am sorry!!



I think, if you’re using this and it is your own recommendation, then like anything else we find ourselves that has been helpful, it is fine to share. What I’d be wholly uncomfortable about is anything where someone is simply propagating third-hand information / advertising that they’ve found on Facebook or any other place. It needs to be about our own (= your) experience.

Keep on keeping on!


p.s. I couldn’t access the stuff you’ve saved to Drive but are the videos different from those on the website? If not, no need to link separately.


What a bummer :pensive: no it’s basically the same videos as the website BUT it’s me trying on their device instead proving it totally works. Still :crossed_fingers:t3: that medicare approves it for me. I am also looking into tendon release of tendon transfer surgery to fix my drop foot because after 4 years this way, my AFO has become unbearable and it’s just it’s finally time :woman_shrugging:t2:

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