Quick question(s)

Hi Everyone,

I guess I should have asked this much sooner, but I have my referral appointment (from angiogram) with a Neurosurgeon at 1pm today. Are there any specific questions I should ask him?


Yikes...here we go...

My friend Patti Gilstrap composed a list of questions to ask a neurologist/neurosurgeon...

One of the questions I would consider the most important is, how many AVM patients has he/she treated?

Outcomes of surgeries?

Does he/she anticipate any deficits? If so, will there be therapy available in the hospital?

Does he/she have other AVM patients willing to share their experience(s) - someone you can connect with?

Keep asking away - this is a GREAT website! :)

If possible get a 2nd opinion and 3rd opinion.

Make certain someone goes with you...they may hear something the doctor says that you miss!

Thanks Barbara!