Quick question about left frontal lobe AVM

I have a AVM in my left frontal lobe, I want to know what does that effect? Is the frontal lobes what controls emotions? Or?

Like can it give me a bad temper or things like that.

? Anyone have any idea regarding the question.

Hi Farshad, These are specifically the questions you should be asking your Neurosurgeon :), But as always Its different for everyone dependant on the AVM and since AVM’s are not all the same they produce different effects and symptoms. I’ve done a search on left frontal lobe for you and you can have a look at the results :

I know that when I was being treated I checked web searches for “what does the left frontal lobe control” and read the research on the hits etc … but this is all just a wide variety of cases. I hope this post helps a little but try not to worry about things for the moment, I would just say that if your AVM can be treated or is being treated then be strong and concentrate on getting better :slight_smile: , Stay positive. Take care


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Hi Farshad, I am an AVM survivor that Was in my frontal lobe. Depending on the type of treatment - It affects your movement of the right side - in my case it’s my right leg from the knee down. I can walk but can’t run for sure. Better than what was expected.

Hi Liz, Martin

My AVM was also in Left Frontal Parietal lobe and when bleed happened it affected my right lower leg and foot. It was a small bleed and the leg function has come back since. However even after a craniotomy my AVM could not be removed as surgeon was not sure this AVM is supplying blood to the brain or not. Now I have to live with this AVM which is pretty small say about 5mm. Should I go for Gamma Knife or just manage it and live ?

I think if it bleeds again I will lose my leg and then recover. Suggestions ?