Quick Member Survey - 4 Questions

No thanks.I don’t want to disturb you.You are doing a great job.God bless you.


Done…and thanks again Ben…the good lord has obviously brought us all together for a reason…so keep up the great work!

Hi Ben,
Hope all is well, survey done. Thank you

Hey Ben, Hope your doing well, I did the survey…Thanks


Thanks Ben,
This site is helping me to learn a bunch of stuff I never new. I only wish I could have gotton this info way back when. I fear I’m getting a little addicted though. :0) But there are worse addictions I guess though, and scince I’m not suposed to have caffeen, this will work. :0) Now that we’re all here though may be we can figure this thing out, and what causes it.

You’re very welcome. I wish I had created this site way back when. :slight_smile:

Ben: I sincerely appreciate your efforts to bring the AVM Survivor family together. It continues to be a great help to me. Thanks again my friend, Mike O’Brien

You are also very welcome. I remember how confusing, depressing, anxiety-producing it was (and still can be).


This a great site you have put together. I think you address what many of us feel: anxiety, not enough info, and the need to talk other people about our experience and share in others experiences.

I thank you and all the others who make this site work by replying promptly and informatively and offering support.

good luck in the future,



wow i had no idea this started 3 months ago…nathan’s avm ruptured in april…so yeah wow…what an awesome coincidence

Ben, Thanks for building this site. You, “da man”

Vince said:

Ben, Thanks for building this site. You, “da man”

Thanks, Vince. Just doing my part.

Done and thank you Ben for creating this web site. It has given much insight and support over the months since I’ve joined.

Lee Ann