What is a "bleed", as compared to a stroke? Are they the same thing? I had a stroke from bleeding, and the dr thinks I had a slow leak starting a few months ago. Since the clot in my brain was blocking their view, they can't even see what exactly is going on, but they are almost certain it is/was avm. Another question I have is does a stroke always obliterate an avm? Is it possible to have an avm, stroke out and the avm not obliterate? I'm scared I might have to continue to deal with this. I just saw my dr yesterday, but didn't know what an avm was to ask the right questions. He said he felt it was a one time event, so he must think it obliterated. I guess I will find out for sure in a couple of weeks, but I am consumed with anxiety in the mean time. Thanks in advance for any responses.


Hi Kat. Hemorrhagic stroke occurs when a weakened blood vessel ruptures. Two types of weakened blood vessels usually cause hemorrhagic stroke: aneurysms and arteriovenous malformations (AVMs). Unfortunately, having a bleed does not usually obliterate an AVM. The best way to tell if an AVM is gone is withe a test called an angiogram. Hope this info helps.


I actually have the same questions.
When attempting to explain my condition to others (that need to know), I generally use the AVM "brain bleed" or intracranial hemorrhage. Then again I have used the explanation of having a brain/cerebral stroke. I would say, that when I attempt to give a response to my condition I guess I try to use the best and sometimes most simple reply (pending upon whom is questioning me). When discussing my condition with my neurosurgeon and neurologist I try to communicate on a professional level, if it is a discussion with family and or friends, I keep it simple.
Your question is a good one. Maybe there is someone else that can comment and add a good and proper answer.

Here are a few "links" that will hopefully give you a better understanding of each condition.

The first two deal with a Cerebral AVM. Where the third is definitive for a stroke.

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Barbara is exactly right. A bleed from an AVM is considered a hemorrhagic stroke.The more common type of stroke is a Ischemic stroke. That is from a blockage. And no, most AVMs are not obliterated by a bleed. After my bleed, I had a craniotomy to remove mine.

Hi Scooterbyrd,

I had a bleed once and the dr. described to me as blood seeped out through a blood vessel (in my case). It didn't rupture, it simply seeped out and healed by itself. Since an avm blood vessel is thinner and weaker than a healthy blood vessel, I could see where this could happen. A "rupture" is when a blood vessel or artery actually breaks. Which in turn will cause more damage. Hence, a stroke or similar symptoms. When mine bled, I just had a migraine for a few days. And then I was good again. I'm certain the location of one's avm has a lot to do with what they may experience. I do know that a migraine headache is one of the main symptoms.

I've never heard of a stroke obliterating an avm. But, an MRI or an angiogram could tell you for certain if it did. Stranger things have been known to happened (wink).


Hi Scooter
My AVM caused an hemorrhagic stroke, it took multiple types of emoblizations and the Gamma Knife to remove the AVM completely. my experience was okay I'm recovering well. I started learning Tai Chi to deal with Anxiety. I always get a second opinion, it helps me deal with the situation.

Thanks for all the info, friends. I will post once I get the verdict from the CT scan. I have to get an angiogram in five months and am dreading it. But things could be so much worse. I am grateful that may be all I have to endure. I've been reading older posts and avm survivors are so brave and supporting.