Questions to ask my neurologist?

I was just diagnosed with AVM in the left side of my brain this month. My regular doctor diagnosed me after a MRI and a few days later I saw a neurologist he recommended who confirmed my diagnosis. However I didn't feel like many of my questions were answered thoroughly, or that I was given a whole lot of info about this new to me diagnosis. So I am seeing a new neurologist Monday and am trying to compile a list of questions to come prepared to have answered. For those of you who have already been through this and know more about this disease can you help me think of questions to ask? Thanks so much.

I am also wondering opinions on if I should be seeing a neurosurgeon instead of a neurologist?

Hi, Cubsfan - I did not have the opportunity to ask questions before the bleed but if I had been in the position to do so I would ask the things you've probably already thought of. I think it's important to print out your questions and bring a steno pad and pen. This way you'll signal that you mean business and will be asking for clarification so that you can summarize the answers and write them down in your own words. My Dad did this when my surgeon was making his rounds at the hospital with an entourage (it's a teaching hospital). Dad said, "I have a few questions," and brought out his huge legal pad. I'd definitely inquire re. exact location, treatment options and recommendations, associated risks, what could happen if you do nothing, etc. bye :)atnt