Questions, need advice

Hello all,

I have some questions and could use advice.

Pain Management: Since my bleed, my headaches are daily. Usually, they aren’t too bad. On the number scale, between 2-4. Tylenol does the trick within about an hour or so most of the time. On occasion, Tylenol does nothing and I just have to wait it out in those cases. Pain level gets up to a 6 or 7. What remedies do you follow? Keep in mind, I’m a nursing mom and cannot take strong pain killers without having to pump and dump.

Working: With the amount of brain swelling I had with this, driving is a great concern. Most days I think I’m fine to drive. BUT after 20 min, I usually get a headache. I suspect it’s from turning my head too quickly. Docs and I aren’t sure on this one. I think I would be fine doing my job. However, I have a 45 min commute. My worry is getting a headache once I get to work. I am finding those headaches tend to be worse then the normal ones I get daily. I’m afraid to drive and be stuck somewhere. Does anyone else have this problem? If not, what would you do if you did?

Family: I have a few family members that live in DenialLand. They believe my driving issues are all fear related, I’m blowing all of this out of proportion, and I’m being a weenie about my pain levels. How do you deal with those people? They don’t ask me about it, they only say things behind my back. I can’t cut them out of life, they’re my family and regardless of how insensitive they can be, I love them.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Erin,

When my headaches get severe, I use ice-packs. It's common for me to walk around the house with one on the back of my neck. If I lay down, then I also put one on my forehead.

Working:/ Are you sure you are ready to go back to work? It sounds to me that your body isn't.

Family:/ I would ignore it. You can't argue with stupidity (ha ha). Many people have no idea how much pain or discomfort another person is in. Unless they are wearing a cast and are in a wheelchair - They simply don't get it.


if ice packs dont work, you could try heat packs. i used both and would switch back often it seemed to work better then the pain killers too.

Thanks Ben! I’ll try the ice packs. I hate to admit it but you (and everyone else) is prob right about my body saying stay home and relax. I just feel so useless. There’s only so much laundry and cleaning a person can take. Oh well. I know it’s an adjustment. I’m used to being a workaholic so this is new territory to me. I’ll try my best to ignore the jerks.

Thanks again! You were very helpful. :slight_smile:

Thank you, Lolo! I’ll try that too.


It could very well be that you just need more time for your body to heal.. :) Do you like to read? Perhaps getting some new books would occupy your time. What about doing a craft? My mother (she's 76) likes to crochet and do jigsaw puzzles.

Maybe we should start another discussion of what people like to do (who can't get out much) to occupy themselves. That's an idea! We should ask others what they do.


I really don’t get much me time since I have a 5 month old daughter. Here’s a better insight to my world…

Since my bleed, my husband, daughter and I moved to my parents house. Docs felt it wasn’t a good idea for me to be left alone in case of another bleed. Hubby works nights. So he’s home until 4:30pm each day. My parents usually return him between 5pm-6:30pm. So at most baby and I are alone for a few hours. She’s a great napper and sleeps through the night so I do get a few hours “free” but I usually spend it catching up on laundry or random little cleaning projects. I try to help out where I can as not to feel like a freeloader. My parents insist its no trouble that we’re here as it is necessary.

I think I’m just trying to get over the trapped feeling since I can’t do much driving. The grocery store is only a few blocks away so every so often I can go alone but I don’t dare drive with the baby. Hubby is very good with taking care of her so I can have some time to shower and feel human. Most of the time I don’t even have to ask!

I would LOVE to get back into some old hobbies. I love to bake. I actually own an online cookie bakery. But I’ve put it on hold for obvious reasons. Baking takes a lot of energy and I can only do a little bit before I’m exhausted.
I’ll post a blog asking for suggestions on passing the time. Thanks! You’ve been awesome! :slight_smile:

I have been a nursing mom. I sometime would take honey about two teaspoon every half hour tell it will stop. It has to be real honey.