Questions about radiation

What are the expected numbers for radiation?

I’ve heard doctors says CT scans are only bad after hundreds of them

Angiogram seems little concerning to doctors

They say it’s because they step on the “pedal” only when injecting the Onyx or the propofol (Wada testing)

These are my numbers:
Embolization 1

Fluoroscopy Time (min): 89.6

Total Kair (mGy): 1992

Total DAP (mGy.cm2): 207634

Embolization 2

Fluoroscopy Time (min): 108.6

Total Kair (mGy): 4395

Total DAP (mGy.cm2): 260936

Embolization 3

Fluoroscopy Time (min): 89.0

Total Kair (mGy): 3199

Total DAP (mGy.cm2): 201797