Its been 4 months after surgery and i just started having headaches again whenever i bend or move in certain directions. im kinda freaked out. has anyone ever had to deal with it if you could let me know i would really appreciate thanks.

Hi Nick. A lot of members do have headaches. Just curious if your surgeon did a follow up angio to see if all your AVM was truly gone? You may want to call him and let him know that you are concerned about this new development. Please keep us posted.

Nick, as Barbara said, I would call your doctor, but it could be that your nerves are healing and also the swelling is going down…but call your doctor anway! Let us know what he/she says!
Stay strong!

Nick, I never had open surgery but it sounds familiar to when I had post GK swelling. In some positions like when I was laying on my stomach with my head up facing forward watching TV, I would feel cranial pressure building up rather rapidly. I would have to sit up before it went away.

thanks guys i just scheduled a follow up with my doctor so hopefully we can get this straightened out. And brett was your headaches right after surgery? and have they gone away? and in your case was then any risks that came with the swelling? thanks

Hi Nick, No!, I had a few headaches from about the six month forward mark post Gamma-Knife surgery, although it wasn’t until the 12 month mark that they became unbearable and I started throwing up. Look at my before and after images on my profile page.

I’m getting a few mild headaches now but I consider them to be normal as I’m working late hrs and not getting the rest I should. My swelling has gone down after being on steroids for a month and now I’m almost done with them. We are following up with an MRI next month to see if the swelling comes back.

What kind of surgery did you have? It’s typically common to have swelling 6-18 months after SRS. Not sure about when to not expect swelling after a craniotomy.

thanks brett thats its good to know that swelling can be normal. I had a craniotomy 4 months ago and my doc told me after about 2 months i could do whatever i wanted i would be fine so after 2 months i felt great so started doing exercise and everything and just recently have felt some headaches. so hopefully there is nothing serious but i dont believe there is just taking precautionary steps