I am worried.On june 7th of this year,I ended up being rushed to the hospital,after I collapsed at home.All the symptoms I had was having a stroke.So the first thing they did in the hospital was a chest xray,ekg,and then finally a ct scan.The radiologist said to me,are they admitting you,i had no idea what was going on.Went back to the er,and the nurse came in and put a heart monitor on,iv,oxgyen,and compression stocking on,and said I was being admitted in.My left eye pupil was huge.I was put in icu for 3days.I didnt even know what room i was in until my husband came.Then i had mri for 2hrs,seen the eye doctor,told i had adies tonic pupil and it came from me having tn,this doesnt make sense.Checked for blockages in my neck,69left59right blocked wont operate until it hits 75.Then the neurologist came in and told me I had a avm on my left side and put me on kempra 500mg at twice a day.Everytime I took the pill,I got severe headaches and screamed in the hospital,for the whole 3days,they put bumper pads around my bed because of seizures.What I want to know,if I have an avm in my brain,why am I on aspirin?I know its because of the blockages,but what about bleeding from the avm.

Barbara..I was told not to take aspirin...Call your doctor and explain your question to him... Every AVM case is different, but I would definately talk to your doctor.

Welcome Barbara,

We'd only be guessing here, but the aspirin has to be for blockages. Did your DRs say your AVM had or was bleeding? If the AVM isn't bleeding, they are probably less concerned with it and more concerned with the blockages.

The onset might have been from blockages or the from the AVM, or both.

There are dozens of anti-seizure meds, even more when you consider combinations, so I'm surprised since you had such a bad reaction to Keppra that they didn't change your anti-S med to something else. I know that if you are having uncontrolled seizures, they jump up the line of meds to those that are more powerful to gain an upper hand.

I would recommend that you get an opinion on your AVM from someone that has treated hundreds or thousands of similar AVMs. That is one place you don't want an amateur (grin).

Best wishes, and let us know what you find out please.
Ron, KS

Thank you for your responses to my question.Well today,got 3calls from the hospital.I need to call them and make an appointment.I have alot of test results to get back,so maybe more for me to find out.I know these doctors were concern about the blood circulation in my body.Its terrible.They also think I have a blood clotting disorder,plus an autoimmune problem.So I hope soon I will get answers.By the way I was put on Neurontin too,so far doing ok,but that was for Trigeminal neuralgia,I have also,plus I do have nodules on my thyroid,possibility of cancer.Praying I dont.I just know if they want to operate on the avm,I will get a second opinion.Thanks again.

i know this is a little late but ive always been told that i cant be on asprin because it thins the blood. i have seizures as well. but then ive had seizures just about all my life at least since i was four. i've had six brain surgeries (currently recovering from my sixth one. it happened about a month ago. im outta the hospital at home but they had to do an emergency surgery this time i couldnt feel anything for over a month on almost all of my body. and had hiccups too. the bleed was in my brain stem. thank god (and i do) i came out alive and i'm able to walk and do (almost) everything i used to do hopefully ill end up doing everything i used to again i've got unpop malformations hopefully they wont pop and just get calsified, so i hope this has helped you and your in my prayers.