I'm going to be 62 in July. I went to a wedding yesterday and could only last for 3 hours...Is it because of age or my brain injury?

Hey Louisa,
I'll be 53 in July! ;) & I'd be EXHAUSTED after 3 hrs of a wedding ceremony.
My guess is that it was more from brain injury than your 'youth' my friend. :)

Thanks, Patti....At least I'm not alone. I had to spend today in bed, after just going to the 3 hour wedding cerimony!

Patti...I'm in a 4 1/2 years since my cran...will this ever get better?

Hi Louisa - I'm 41, but I would think that both age and brain injury and also stress and alcohol consumed would contribute to tiredness...maybe a doctor could answer for you for "certain"?

I'm 2 yrs. post of #4 crani and personally assume there will always be a lingering fatigue for myself, especially when away from home & 'normal' routine.
Possibly on your next 'outing', take time out to sit or lay down in a quiet space. Even a 15 min. time-out can help avoid the ugh! of fatigue.
Take care. :)

I do have stress, but no alcolohol. My doctor has already given me a prescrip for the stress and I'm on an anti-depresent as well. The most I can take is 3 hours of doing things about side my home at this point. I pray that it gets better.

Hi Louisa,

I'd say it's fatigue caused by your brain injury. Besides,you are young!
I went to a wedding and had to disappear and lie down.

I'd say it's a little from column A and a little from column B. :O)

In all seriousness, I am 35 and get worn-out quite quickly since my craniotomy, and that took place when I was 28! Add to that the fact that I am on 3 different medications, work full-time and have a 5-year-old and an 18-month-old son and I am wiped in no time flat!

Hi Louisa:

I am 62 years young, and had my craniotomy when I was 9 years old. I do not remember what I was like before then, but I am sure I was a happy kid. I have emotional problems, and a mood disorder, and still take seizure meds. I really never feel right, and usually want to go home when I venture out to a social deal such as a wedding. I don't worry about it because it is what it is. So if any of you make it 50 years past the AVM event, realize you will be ok. You must accept the new you and not worry about what you used to be like. Yeah, I struggle, but I had a great marriage, have a wonderful, successful son, was a paralegal for many years, and I am proud of myself.