Okay guys I am on two seizure medications. My Dr will take me off of one next month, but since I been taking them I been losing hair like crazy. I brush my hair I lose hair. I wash my hair I'm losing hair. I wake up in the morning so much hair is falling out. My Dr said so many things about it, but never losing hair and I'm scared. It's called Topiramate or A.K.A Topamax. It didn't effect me at first, but now I lose hair like crazy. Honestly I'm a little scared, because with losing so much hair I can go bald in certain spots. I switched shampoo like 3 times. I don't know what else I can do. My mom is taking me to cut my hair and hopes it will help but I don't know. Does anybody know? Help me please :)

I did a quick search....apparently Topamax is associated with hair loss. I only read the summaries on the search, I didn't click any links but it doesn't sound like there is much to do about it except try and switching meds. Buuut....a quick search on that also says most anti-convulsive meds cause hair loss. Keppra and Depakote are the other 2 I searched. The only thing I can think of is maybe you should search for some sort of diet thing[?]
^^^has a list of foods like salmon, eggs, chicken, beans.
^^Suggests more vitamins and protein in your diet. Both sites pretty much say to eat healthy.

Kristi seems to have done research for you, but I know that personally, one of the first symptoms that something was wrong with me was the copious amount of hairloss, unrelated to medications. I just started losing clumps of hair every time I took a shower, every time I brushed my hair, etc. So it could potentially be a sign of your body/brain being stressed.

I will be getting off of topamax in August. I was only on it, because I had three seizures in about two weeks or three. My Dr was really worried. My keppra has not bothered me at all since I have been on it just the topamax. Thanks for your help Kristi I have to look into it.
Hiro when I started taking topamax I never experienced losing hair. My hair loss started happening maybe a month now and man does it suck. I hope I'm not too stressed. I lose hair wasting my hair combing it, falls out when ever sucks. Thanks for the support.