Question on planning for brainers

Hi guys,

I was wondering, if you were given some money to spend on a holiday, how easy or difficult would you find it to do?

Would you…..

1.) Try to do it, but not complete all the steps or forget?
2.) Get someone to help you?
3.) Get someone to do all the organising, booking, research andplanning for you?
4.) Forget about it completely or not get round to it? (Initiation)

3) I get my wife to do it. She worked for Contiki many many years ago, but still knows her way around.

Thanks for your reply Tony!

What do you other guys out there do? :) Am looking forward to hearing your answers...


Hi, interesting ...

This would be one of those questions that have a ... How were we effected by our event?

I would have to say, ...... If someone was finding themselves feeling , overwhelmed / confused or even uncertain about the confidence of their actions or decisions,

2) get someone to help, even if they are there to dot the ... I's and cross the... T's for you, thus , leaving one feeling like they had a part in it.

Hope that helps

Thanks for your reply Rancher

Hi Flower, Very interesting question, Given the options you listed above I would say 2 get someone to help me, Family or friend either way :) , Also its refreshing to remember that holiday can be anywhere and as long as you have a good time and relax and have fun then its a great holiday :) . Take care and hope you do it and enjoy it :) .

I would probably do a combination. I would like to do the research on where to go and where to stay but I'm not much good with numbers and finances anymore so I'd have to get my husband to help with the details. Of course, having someone else do everything would sure make it less stressful.

Flower. I always try to do something myself first, unless it has to do with needing help driving somewhere. But I call paratransit first, to try to arrange things, and that usually helps. Or, I walk with my guide dog if the distance is walkable and I know the route (I have had no vision to left since the AVM surgery in 1959, and cannot drive). I can go in a store myself with dog, but not a new store, or a crowded store. I do my own organizing, but forget to look at the steps to take to get things done. So, since I am used to forgetting either

  1. Where I am going;
  2. What I am going to the store for; or
  3. If I feel totally uncomfortable when I get where I am going
    I just go home and try again. I rarely ask for help, but I am seeing I need more help as I get older. I will be 65 in a few weeks.


I would do it on my own. I've enjoy do the organizing, planning, etc. myself because for me, it adds to the excitement of having something to look forward to.
I'm definitely not to proud to ask for help when needed, though. :-)