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Question for those who have had an angio done


Hi Lisa! Its so great to hear from you! How is everything? What a beautiful community of survivors we have here! I love how everyone can connect and share their experiences on here :slight_smile:


Hi Kim91! Gaah, Im sorry you had to deal with that :frowning: Thank you for sharing and hoping all is well!


I’m glad everything went well.


No worries hope it helps



I agree w/you about this support group. Back in the early 1980’s, when I found out I had my AVM, for at least a decade, I did not know ANYONE who had an AVM. Back then, I felt SO ALONE. Since I found this site a while ago, I was thrilled, because, finally, I felt comfort, because I SUPPORT here! Praise God!!

Hope your life is MARV.



my pre-surgery angio they used the plug - called FISH closure. It usually allows you to get up quicker. my post-surgery angio they used no plug. Of course I was in hospital and didn’t get up for 36 hrs


also if they use closure and you need another angio within 30 days, they should preferably use the other side. I was given a card to carry stating this


hi Lisa,

I totally agree! God is good!


Hi Karen! Thank you for sharing!


For angio and embo they used a plug on me. I put a sandbag on it for a few hours because it was leaking. After a day I got up and the site exploded and there was blood under my skin the size of a golf ball! Doc pressed hard on it to spread the blood for 15 mins! In the end it was all good. I’ve learned to stay still so as not to rupture the puncture.


I had 2 angio dun. Both times they pressed down on mine for bout 10 mins couldnt move for couple hours after that but when i got home i couldnt do much for the first couple weeks. The first angio that was dun i bleed a good bit. The second one I didn’t hardly bleed but it did knot up after words