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Question for those who have had an angio done


No picture, I think it may have been this and was jut referred to as a plug, I guess like slang, I had the last one in August 2016 and not sure I still have the card.



Oh wow I had totally forgotten about this- I had the plug in my femoral artery. It was pretty gross, as the area healed, the plug (or part of the plug) had left the artery and was hanging out under my skin. For a couple of weeks I could feel something under my skin, while the area never fully healed. Later the plug poked through my skin and I pulled it out. It looked like a botfly maggot- I didn’t know what it was but later realized it was the plug. Then everything healed fine. Just another bump in the road!


Thanks for sharing! Mine must have been different then because what was inserted in me looked like a clear plastic thing shaped like the top of a pencil eraser.


Yikes! sounds scary. thanks for sharing! glad that’s over and done with.


I actually had both methods, and both were fine. Without a closure device, I had to remain immobile in the hospital for about 6 hours after. With the closure device, you can move around sooner, as it pretty much seals up the site immediately. You will feel what feels like a little jelly bean under your skin for about a week, but it starts to be reabsorbed pretty quickly.

It will go fine, it was a piece of cake.


Had the plug as far as I know and it went well. Was given a little leaflet about the plug when I went home from hospital


i had two angio no plug but weirdly bled pretty badly from my arm the first time they tried to discharge me, so I had to stay for a few more hrs.


Hi, there. I have had multiple angiograms when dealing with my AVM monitoring and eventually surgery. They just bandaged it and let me heal. When I had several close together during the time I was in the hospital, they had to secure a piece of wood or some hard block to the area to keep the swelling down. I also had to lay flat for 4-5 hors after each procedure. But as far as I know a plastic plug was not used.


Hey sorry to bother you with a answer I’ve had over 50 angiograms and over the many times my interventional radiologist has used both pressure and star seal both achieve the same outcome hope this helps


I did it 3 times & same as others pressure 5-10mins, lay on bed 4-6 hrs & stay in hospital for overnight.


I had 4 angios last summer (2 in each leg), and all were just pressure bandaged and then lay immobile for 6 hours before being sent home. All healed just fine, in fact I have no scars or lumps at the sites.


Sorry, I am so BEHIND on my emails, so I just saw you text here today! Me, The Slacker! :-))) Anyway, how beautiful to see all of your supporters comments here w/all of your polite replys back! Good luck to ALL OF YOU AVM SURVIVORS!! Way back in 1990, I got my quite large AVM fixed quite well with the brain surgery route.
God be w/YOU, Monica, and BLESSING TO ALL OF YOU HERE!!!
Elizabeth (Lisa) A. Stuckel


I had 2 angios and the plug was used both times. First time I had issues walking for 2 weeks, my surgeon sent me to ER for ultrasound and everything was OK, they think he hit a nerve or ligament at puncture site. Next time he went more in my thigh and i had NO issues, until 2 weeks after. I told him I thought it was infected because it got red warm and swollen and he Looked at it and tried telling me no. I’m a wound care nurse, I literally deal with infected wounds everyday. Shocker the next day it started oozing yellow and I went back and they said I was right and gave me antibiotic script. Other than that, i had no issues. The plug was favorable by my surgeon, which I’m happy about. One site no scar, other site small scar. I have no lumps or bumps. My cousin had one and was held by pressure and he said it was more painful than his craniotomy. Had to lay flat 4 hours after, nurse kept offering me food and drink and I was annoyed because yes i was dying of thirst and hunger but how can I drink without choking while laying down eye roll


Tacos4life! I just love your username! Do you have a favorite place to go to that has the best tacos? ok, sorry to get off track. Thank you for sharing your experience with me! I just had my angio done a few weeks ago and it wasnt that bad. I kinda always freak myself out beforehand. This time no seal but I did have to stay and lay in recovery for 6 hours straight.


Hi Pidgemous! Thank you for sharing! Did you save the leaflet?


Angela, :frowning: im sorry that happened.


Hi Tweety!
Thanks so much for sharing your experience with me and the rest of the survivors :slight_smile:


Hi Gilly! Please dont apologize! I love hearing from other survivors! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Hi Desmonil! Thank you so much for sharing.


Hi loripetnut! Thanks for sharing! Im glad it went great and the sites have healed nicely :slight_smile: