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Question for those who have had an angio done


Hi everyone! I hope all of you are having a great year so far!

I wanted to go on here and ask about the puncture site after having an angiogram done. I was treated at two different hospitals and one hospital used a plastic plug to close the puncture site ( said to dissolve over time ) while the other hospital I believe just covered it and let it heal on its own . I want to know what method was used on you guys and who has had similar experiences with the plastic plug?

Thank you!




For me, the only thing I know is that the interventional radiologist just pressed down hard for about 10 minutes on my wound (hurts a fair bit when they do that) lay flat for something like 4 hours; and I went away without stitches or dressing or plug or anything.

Whether that is the best treatment or just the cheapest, I don’t know! :slight_smile:



Hi Monica
Iv had 3 angios, and all mine was to press hard on the puncher wound for 10 mins or so and lay flat for 2hours.
Hope all goes well for you, take care



Hi Monica,

Same as the others, the neuro-radiologist pressed on my wound for about 5-10 minutes and then I had to lie down flat for about 6 hours before being allowed to go home. So my wound closed up naturally :slight_smile:



I’ve had two agnios, my first one was no plug, although I don’t recall this one as it was during my hospital stay due to bleed The second was the product called the angio plug(I believe is the name). Insert the plug, laying flat time was two hours and dissolved over time. I also had a card to carry to say one of these was used in case another angio was need in three months they would have to use a different site. Take Care, John.


I’ve had a lot of angios over the years and it’s always been pressure to close. My last one they couldn’t access the right vein so went into left side so I had two wounds, but at least I didn’t have a limp. lol


All but one of mine had the seal or “plug”. Except for the last one. They tried to use it but for some reason it did not want to work. I sure wish it had, cause they had to hold so much pressure on that as compared to the other ones. Plus I had to lay flat in bed so much longer. I needed to pee so bad. Nurse offered a bed pan, but I was like no I’ll just suffer and wait. The only separation from other patients in the recover area, were the curtain things. Never been so glad to get out of that place in my life!


I’ve had just pressure the 1st time then 3embolizations with the mynx closure device.


Hey, I had three angios, it depends on the hospital policy I assume, for two I had a seal which dissolved over time, but for one they just pressed for a while and it healed on it’s own.


Hi Monica, I’ve had 5 angios and all of mine have had the angio seal to close, I also had to carry the angio card for 30days to say I’ve had a seal put in,in case of medical emergency.
All the best xx


Hi Amanda! thank you so much for replying! I hope that you’re having a great week so far. Is the seal what I was referring to as a " plug"? lol if so, do all cases require a card?


Thank for replying, ky! Do you know if the seal is the same thing as the “plug” that I may be talking about?


Hi Melissa joyce! Thank you so much for replying and sharing your experience! Whoo! so glad to hear that you are out of that situation :slight_smile:


Hey Steve! YES! thank goodness for no limp! thank you for sharing your experience :slight_smile:


Hi JD! thank you so much for sharing! did your card have a plug on there to show what it looked like?


Hi Corrine! thank you so much for sharing :slight_smile:


Hi Dick! Thank you so much for replying and sharing your experience!


Hi Sarah! thank you for replying and sharing your experience :slight_smile:


They just put pressure on my groin for 10 mins, then I had to lie flat for 4h, then can sit up for 2h.


Yes, they’ll give you a note to say that a seal has been put