Question about speech problem

I had a seizure in december and some of my speech problems seem to have gotten worse or come back full circle again to how it was right after my surgery. I get frustrated easly when trying to talk to someone I don't know or feel uncomfortable with which makes me start to lose my words and not be able to speak them. Like knowing the word for door and not being able to say it. Does anyone else had this happen. What prompted me to ask is that since then I also call/say the wrong word for things.I don't know I do it and sometimes people point it out, or I catch it after it comes out. The weirdest one was tonight I asked my daughter to move over but I actually called her by my sons friends dads name.Who I never talk to, EVER. She was watching t.v. and didn't hear me but I almost died. Where did that come from?Like I said it's been going on more since the seizure and my spelling also. should I call my Neruo or has anybody else done this and does it get and does it get better again? Thanks

Hi there, sorry I cant help you but yes I too have the same issues, I am awaiting radiosurgery (14th March), my neuro seems to thinks it should all go back to normal once the avm is obliterated, since you have already had treatment it may pay to get it checked out. I often get asked if Im drunk because I stutter on occasion, or, I know what I want to say but cannot say it correctly. I hope you find some answers soon, but just wanted to say you are not alone, best wishes :)

Hello Angela. I had brain surgery in July 2009 and as my AVM was huge, I ended up with brain damage. Was in hospital for 3 mths after a couple of weeks in a coma. I had to re-learn everything again and I mean everything! 2yrs after surgery, I started getting seizures even though I was on medication and they kept getting worse, so I have been to see my Neurologist a few times lately and it has taken some time to get the meds stabalised. Every time I had a seizure, my language skills would go backwords, so I think it would be good for you to go and see your Neurologist.
I also have problems with saying the wrong word or not being able to say the word I want but I have had those problems since surgery. See your Neurologist Angela as they are the specialists and will be able to help you. Take care & please let me know how you go!

This has been happening to me since I had my stroke last year. I had my stroke in my Thalamic area - for me I have trouble going to sleep I feel like I can just stay up. I use the wrong words speaking and writing. I also have pain in my left leg knee and hamstring that should not be there I have had MRIs PT and ultra sound and still have the pain. I kept telling my stroke doctor its in my head. Anyway if you notice your systems are getting worse please call your neuro- one good test you can do with someone watching you is lift both arms same height above shoulder height and close your eyes for 10 seconds- have the person tell you if you have any drift if you do go to emergency you may be having a stroke.
work your brain doing crosswords any games like scrabble. Password is a fun family game
also I use its free
Also they say learning a new lanquage which you can do on youtube for free
My husband is learning guitar to keep his mind sharp
Rosemary is supposed to be great for the brain and the aroma of coffee
Are you getting enough sleep?
Please let us know how you are doing!
Thinking of you

Hi Angela..Yes, I think you should let your Neurosurgen know. For me, when I have trouble trying to say the works I want to say, I rest my brain and it seems to help. I'm going to start a Aphasia group on this network as we all know our difficulties.

So we can support each other...those with Aphasia...

I not sure if this will help. I had surgery on 1/13/12. I woke up in ICU and found out my speech was very hard to understand. I have gotten a lot better since then. When I was being released from the hospital I asked for speech theraphy. There is a nursing home near my home. I am going three times a week as an outpatient. She has me playing sudoku, a card game called Dutch Blitz, and word associations. I get online and play sudoku every day. I am still in my infancy with this so I don't know if any of this will help you. I have never had a seizure. I do know that when I get frustrated or very upset my speech gets a lot worse and I have trouble with finding the right words. Best of luck to you. I would definately see your Neurologist. Sending prayers your way.

Hi I know what you mean about speech problems and calling objects the wrong name. I catch myself doing that constantly. I have an avm that hasn’t bled not had any tx for it either and I have difficulty finding words or naming objects. It is really annoying. Idk what to do about it. I’m in graduate school for occupational therapy and I get embarrassed to speak sometimes with my peers because Im afraid I’ll say the wrong thing. Hopefully as I get treatment I my speech will improve. Since I’m in OT school I’ve taken the liberty to diagnose myself with mild expressive aphasia.

Hi all, as Louisa says yes, you have aphasia. There are different types of speech variations, many types, but thats the general main one, when someone has had a bleed on the brain - the speech has been impaired from it. And it can be one of the most frustratting things in the world - u used to be able to say whatever u wanted to say, and understand easy peezy - but now u cant. And it totally sux. But, u can get pass it -its tough, very tough - but speech theraphy help, and keep on trying, some time su can get pass it. Check the "Aphasia - Trade secrets" for some tips also :)

Hi Angelok - I don't have seizures, but, on occasion, I won't be able to get the word that I want out right away...I can describe it and usually about 1 hour later, I'll have the word that I was meaning to say. That's convenient = ) - good thing noone has an egg-timer on my speech - we'd all be screwed.

Hi Angela. Well I have had an AVM on the left parietal side of my brain. In July 2011 I had 2 embolizations and then surgery. Since then I have problems with my words. This only happens when I am tired and stressed. I know what I wish to say but it doesn't come out right. I also have problems with my memory and forget what I wish to say or do. I am not worried about my condition as I consider it part of my recovery. Also I have not worked since July last year and I am still off until at least July 2012. Cheers