Question about scar tissue?

Has anyone had any problems with scar tissue after an AVM removal? Ive had several spells of vertigo the last few months and just wondering if it could be related to my AVM removal, which was a year ago??


Hi, L - I’m pretty sure there is scarring for me al over the place they had to remove the AVM but I’m comforted by my surgeon and Neuro telling me repeatedly that it’s all gone, so I’m just dealing w aftermath. I have constant diziess news but mine was cerebellum. If you’re looking for peace of mind and maybe advice on treatment options talk to your Neuro :slight_smile: if your vertigo flares you wann be safe.

Thank you Ann for your reply. My AVM was also in my cerebellum, but i dont think much of it (the cerebellum) was removed. (but all the AVM was) My AVM caused an aneurysm and one of them bled and that is when i knew something was wrong. My surgeons also say that both are obliterated,and my only real dizziness was right after surgery.......until now. I've had several days with dizziness again, but only a couple of days have been bad. Thank you again. I've read your story, and you are also a true miracle!

Hi Lynda - What do your doctors attribute your vertigo from then? Are these vertigo symptoms newer or also happened shortly after surgery? Perhaps there is a medication that can help you in small doses with vertigo as well. Be sure to ask your doctors and try to get the help you need.

Debra… I have not called my doctors yet. These spells just began about a month ago. I had a few right after my craniotomy to remove the AVM, but they went away for a year. Some days I will have 2-3 spells and other days I am ok. I plan on calling my doctors if this continues. Thank you so much