Question about CT angiogram

I’ve been waiting to go for my cerebral angiogram, but the radiologist that my neurologist wanted me to go to still hasn’t come to an agreement with my insurance company, so my neurologist is sending me for a CT angiogram in the meantime. Has anyone else had one? Can anyone tell me what to expect?

July 10, 2009 - I just found out that my CT angiogram is scheduled for next Friday, July 17th.

I had a CTA on Friday 6/26… My neurosurgeon ordered it since I’m extremely clautraphobic and an MRA would have added to my fears… My orignal MRI was an opensided one, not the tunnel type. With the CTA, they first take a scan without dye and then inject it in a vein in your arm…strange sensation…makes you feel extremely warm all over. I found the metal bed to be very uncomfortable and had the nurse place a pillow under my knees to ease the pressure on my lower back. The room was cold and so they covered me with a warm blanket. I figued, I was gonna take advantage of anything they offered me! The procedure from beginning to end was probably 20 minutes…it was jerky and I don’t know how they were able to get a good scan, but I guess they did. I’m waiting for a reschedule with my neuro so we can go over the results… I’ll keep you informed…always believe…Robin This procedure has got to be one of the better of any I’ve had so far.