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PTSD / Depression / Feeling overwhelmed at times?


Hi - my husband had a brain bleed due to an AVM last year, March 13, 2016, a day after his birthday. It was definitely the hardest year of our marriage for me and also for him, of course. Here’s my question:
Do any of the caregivers ever feel overwhelmed or feel like they have PTSD or that they can just cry at the drop of a hat? He came out of this entire thing very, very well…he bled into his ventricles and so things weren’t as bad as they could have been. He still has memory issues and he still has little to no filter on the things he says at times - so much more so then before his bleed. But ever since this has happened I think it has stressed me out so much to the point that I just break down sometimes…I don’t feel like I handle stress as well as maybe I used to? I don’t know. I guess I just want to know that I am not alone and there are others who feel the same as I do…

thank you all


Hi Kat I’m on the other side of the coin here as I’m the husband that has a wife who actually found me ont he bathroom floor during my brain haemorrhage She called for help and got me to the hospital quick and thankfully I’m here and had no major issues at all, She saved my life and I will be forever thankful of that :slight_smile: , She still gets worried when I have headaches and feel a little funny (tired etc …) But I always reassure her I’m fine I think it totally understandable on how you may be feeling as this is a life changing ordeal you have had to endure also, The very thought of it can even be too much to bear. Do you think it would be better to talk with your husband about this or maybe counselling ? , both should be an option and I hope you are doing ok.



Hi Kat, I’m with Martin here in being the one having been cared for. My wife is a nurse which was really beneficial in helping me understand what was going on with me. She had to have a great deal of patience as my short term memory was not good. I don’t think I realized the impact until she planned a get together to celebrate one year my bleed. The impact really hit home when she said “I invited everyone who would have come to your funeral” It was the moment I realized the stress and pressure she had been under from bleed, recovery, gamma knife and now the waiting. I think that gathering really turned a new page for us in moving away from the fear and looking to the future in a really positive light. I know everyone’s circumstances are very different, but I think a range of reactions and feelings in these completely abnormal situations/circumstances is common. Take Care, John.