Right, so, its been an odd journey so far and I am trying to get back on my feet again, I have not had my left frontal lobe AVM rupture but just had cerebral angiograms. I have been left with symptoms of anxiety, lack of concentration, fatigue, and a general change in my personality.
Finally after an 18 month wait I have been to see a psychologist who has explained to me that I cannot form structures in my brain and I am not able to access my memory always or at the right times, hence difficulties. She advised me to start making lists with pictures to help remind me of routines around the home. It was such a relief that finally after the surgeons telling me that I should have no problems that she recognises what is wrong and tells me that she has worked with various people who have had AVM’s and although not always ruptured they generally leave some symptoms behind that you have to learn to cope with. Phew!!! I’m not mad - I’m just in recovery and this lady is the first who has understood and explained this to me.