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Providing full time care and working your fulltime job


How are you supposed to be able to do this? Has anyone been able to figure this out? Friends and family have been able to help for short term i am concerned about longterm full time care that doesnt need nurse/medical support.


Michael, I’ve been trying to figure it out for 30 years, don’t have the answer, all I can say is one day at a time and you can only do what you can do, not much help but hang in there and be positive,


Hello @Michael32
There should be some free services in your area but sadly they usually are for low income. But worth a shot calling to get some information.
I am a commissioner (volunteer pos) with my local county for the aging commission and did not even know that these commissions existed
They are a great resource and also help people who are not a senior but handicapped-
Here is what I found in your area - http://savannaheldercare.com/senior-services/coastal-regional-commission-area-agency-on-aging/

Give them a call they may not be the right area but can steer you to the correct area.

Also here in California I also volunteer for a village which people pay a certain amount of money a year depending on what they need - our range is from $300 to $700 a year-

Ours offers

  • rides
  • handyman
  • visits
  • phone calls to check up on people
  • social events
    I am sure the aging commission in your area might know of one that could help out.
    Also another good resource is your university hospitals - contact them and ask to speak with a social worker who may be able to provide you with some info on additional resources who can help you manage care and care for yourself as the care taker.
    Here we not only worry about the patient but the care giver
    As someone who has been on both sides of the fence I think its way more stressful to be the care giver and I was in a coma and had to relearn everything.

When my younger sister got sick after my massive stroke and then my avm - she got the flesh eating virus from Mexico and almost died. She was in the hospital for over a month and I was so stressed and lack of sleep - I was going crazy with worry and afraid to leave her side because the doctors kept messing up her meds which could of killed her.

Anyway you have to take care of yourself and you need help. At first family and friends are there but then they go back to their normal lives and it can be crushing

Make sure if you are able to get some help from these agencies that they have done back ground checks on the people and install a camera to check on them.

Hope this helps-


Angela-thank you for the information. I found also that some of the adult daycare facilities locally are actually not just reserved for senior ages. This may be an option! I will check the link info you sent again and see if other options exist thank you for your help.

Electrician- i appreciate your comment. It is true one day at a time is needed to stay focused.At points during this with my wife i have been forced to learn to accept that changes need to be made. It is extemely difficult but at the end of the day i am glad that she is still with me and consider us to be extemely fortunate.