Proton beam

I’ve talked to the docs at Mass. Gen and I think I may be getting the Proton Beam Radiation done. I’ve gotta go back and do some visual field testing and talk with the radiosurgeon. Dr. Carter has been very helpful and optomistic and pr0-active and I’m so happy that I decided to go to Boston to see him.

Super news, best to ya, Caroline, God bless

Good luck, Resa. I had my proton beam treeatment done there in January 2005. The procedure itself is a snap. The difficult part was having the mold of my head done for the immobilization device and having the holes drilled in my skull for the markers. Two of them weren’t bad, just kind of freaky with the drilling noise…but unfortunately, one of them was extremely painful. It was only a few hours after that drilling that they did my immobilization fitting and my scalp was still very tender, so that’s probably why that part hurt a lot.

I’m glad you have a different doctor. My doctor, Dr. Chapman, was very nice to me there, but has been impossible to get hold of since then.

Everyone else I’ve talked to on here has had very good experiences at Mass General, so I’m sure you are in good hands.

I’m glad you have some good news sounds like your getting a plan together. I bet among all the wondering its nice to have part of it figured out. I’ll be praying for you and God bless.

thanks everyone!