Promises/Vows to Yourself in '12

At the risk of being a discussion-board hog, I'm wondering if anyone has made a promise to your self...not to be broken...regarding any effects of your AVM.

I'm going to TRY and keep in mind that this is it, so make it count.

Positive thoughts and positive energy!

Goals? Resolutions? Anything?

Either way, Happy New Year!

Hey Julie! Goals and/or no... give me sec... How about a healthy and happier New Year?... wait, that's kind of generic... how about to workout at least three times a week to improve my strength? I'm kind a tired to do that but ok.(What did I get myself into?) Two times a week? okay that sounds Yes the yoga and the weight training from Phil... okay I need my doctors approval first... this whole thing is tiring me out... I better go back to sleep. Discussion board hog...cmon. Have a Happy and healthy 2012 Julie and everyone as well! :)

Thank God we have you on this Network, Julie! You are such a joy!

Postive thoughts. Removal of AVM in 13 days. Necrosis to go away. Start working out again and get rid of the fat left behind by stupid decradon (dexamethasone). I'm to ADHD to be sitting around doing nothing all the time. It's killing me.

Accomplished this with AVM... and need to get back into it.

My aim is to get 100% recovered before September 2012 before I start college and then hopefully I can compete in sports again?xxx

Awesome - are those karate belts? I was up to my purple belt, but it was in Tang Soo Do.

Man, you have a black belt - I had num-chucks - but I'm pretty sure that a black belt trumps num-chucks in karate economics.

Thanks, Jay. Glad I'm not the only one who's got some goals. Yes, I'm talking smack - must be nap-time for Ms. Cranky-Pants here =)

Brown Red is my current rank in Karate (Korean Tae kwon do) I'm wearing it in the photo. Others are brown belts in photo. One good year of hard work and I can get the black belt, but not sure I'll be capable. I just love the workout and martial arts. Next is Brown Black, White Black and Black. (i think) Haven't practiced in the last couple years.

Julie, perhaps our goals should be a little less grand than in years past? No, I don't think Mt. Everest is in my future. No, I don't think my vision is going to return in the New Year. But, I'll be happy if I can manage to go an entire week without starting any fires while cooking! Or if I can remember where I've left my cell phone (let's see it's been in the trash can, the clothes dryer, the linen closet...)In any event Julie...Happy New Year to all of us!

Mt. Everest? - chump change - just kidding! But I do think that you should go for something that you've always wanted to do or whatever...not necessarily just for the New Year, but it's a good place to start.

My prayers are with u!!!! Good luck

With that said, someone asked me yesterday what I had to think or worry about. I commented that just my future and everday basics...that's all.

Thanks, Louisa.

I agree. The neighbor is worried about returning some of my tools loaned to him. I told him that was the least of my worries in life right now. Give me a month or two and I might ask for them back. :)

No worries Julie. I like the discussions that you start on this board. :-)
The promise that I've made to myself was to try to enjoy every day that I am given, no matter how hard it gets...every day is a gift.

Yes I did make a promise..... I have been on this journey for only three years but although challenging, it has enriched my life in many ways.. I am in pain daily between headaches and leg pain... yet I realize some may have less some may have more but I am so grateful to GOd to be alive. Pain reminds me of being alive! I come to this site and pray daily for all of us....we need to educate the public on so so much when it comes to AVMS..... My vow is to stay focused and never forget my journey as I have learned volumes and I will never forget those that were truly with me. Its not as if I will forget and be angry at those who werent no I have way too much living and loving to do in my life! God bless you true to your feelings allow yourself to feel whatever you want...make 2012 about you! Never let anyone make you feel "bad" or lesser than you are! YOur awesome and we are all survivors! Its not being selfish but truly loving and living life! please know you are all truly in my daily prayer and I biggest prayer is a cure for all AVMS to be obliterated. Peace and love always, Mare

btw Trish - remind me not to request bacon, steamed milk, or broccoli if you're cooking for moi =)

Hi Leslye - I agree - I don't know if you've ever seen "The Sapranos" - I hardly ever watch it, but the one episode I saw was showing Tony Saprano with his shrink saying that no doubt, life is a gift...but does it have to be a pair of socks?

I personally think socks as a gift are great (no, I'm not running for politics), and think that thought from the character was so profound...and funny.