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Professor Michael Morgan


I have been a patient of Prof Morgan for 9 years now and have just been managed with conservative treatment (monitoring my AVM annually) as it is a grade 5 AVM.

I have just found out that Prof Morgan has retired from surgery! Having been with Prof Morgan for that long, I don’t feel like I would trust another neurosurgeon with my grade 5 AVM should I need alternate treatment. Does anyone know what happens to Prof Moran’s surgical patients? At my last visit, Prof Morgan advised I didn’t need to be seen for 2 years so I’m not due to go back till early next year…


It’s a shame he isn’t working any more as I have seen him, if I remember correctly Dr Greg Savage was part of his team. Might be worth checking him out. If you don’t mind me asking what is a grade 5?? Mine is very large, about a large orange but not sure what grade I am.


I think he's still working, but just not performing surgery anymore. At least that's what I interpreted from reading on his website. Thanks for the tips! So AVMs are graded on a scale ( think it's this scale here. I think I actually asked what mine was out of curiousity at one of my reviews. Mine goes across my brain from what I remember being told when I was initially diagnosed =\ I hope that helps! :)