Professor Krassi Ivancev,

Hi Guys, Just equiring if anybody with a cranifacial AVM has been treated or knows about Dr Krassi Ivancev ? Ive heard that he works with Dr Yakes , when Dr Yakes goes to the UK .

Here is a positive report, though unrelated to facial avms:

Hi, I was treated by Krassi Ivancev and Dr Yates in 2009 for a facial AVM, one embolization and all the feeding vessels were destroyed and I have never had a problem since. I may have been very lucky, but I would definitely recommend the team at UCH London.

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Should add to my previous note, that I was treated with alcohol, not glue or other.

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I know him he treated me he made it clear that it would be a long process for me as my condition was very bad, he said i had little chance of getting my avm on my forehead fix but he will try his best, i sit here today after looking up his name to post him on my fb wall as after 16 years of problem he fixed me, i no longer have a AVM i am working and have started a happy life after his hard work, he took alot of advice from mr yakes on my condition and between them they found the best way to treat me, I did have one problem with a bad internal bleed when i got home a month later within 16hrs he had me sleep and treated, I took a risk of giving my life in his hands with alcohol emberlisation and the results are perfect, I read so many bad things about mr yakes but i sit here after seeing them both no not a single health problem, all i can say is trust Mr Ivancev he is the god in this field and gave me my life that i never had for over 16 years, i did read into my issue to much and worried myself alot but this man did better then he said he can do, My personal Opinion is that mr ivancev should be dress in medels for all his hard work on myself and all the other he has helped, i had a condition called traumatic AVM it was on my forehead and was slightly bigger then half a tennis ball. now my head looks as good as the other side, Please trust him as i did and i am so happy with his work and he gives you a 1 on 1 treatment he even called my mobile phone a number of times when home to see how i am getting on and how i am feeling, you will not regret it i promise.
Good luck and hope all goes well for you,
Feel free to message me if you want to know more info on my case with him,

Mixx, thank you so much for writing -- I have often wondered how you were doing, and am thrilled to hear that ethanol worked for you and that you have no more avm. What wonderful news! So great to hear a positive review of Mr. Ivancev, too. I hope you will join the new Facial AVMs group too to let those members know of your experience:

All the best to you!

What great news, Sara! Thank you for writing. You may also wish to join our Facial AVMs group ( and leave a note about your success story, as it may be helpful to others. Also, you might be interested in our AVMs and Pregnancy group:

Best wishes!