Prof Emmanuel Houdart at Hospital Lariboisiere In Paris (right next to Eurostar terminal)

My son had an spinal AVM at C7-T1. This was discovered after a bleed. The AVM was deemed inoperable because of the high risks involved. Glue embolisation also carried risks and the doctors at National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery at Queens Square. However the doctors at Charing Cross Hospital suggested we get in touch with Prof Houdart in Paris. He does particle embolisation. This treatment is lower risk as there is no need to reach at the very nidus of the AVM. You only need to reach a place where the entire free flow is to the AVM only. Despite it being lower risk the treatment in my opinion is not as popular as it is not a one-shot treatment but requires repeated treatment. However it is lower risk and in our case the only feasible option. I would therefore urge all people who have a spinal AVM to get in touch with Prof. Houdart as part of their process to identify the right treatment. Also Dr. Maneesh Patel in Charing Cross is familiar with this treatment. He has worked with Prof Houdart previously and is also familiar with my son's case.

I would also point out that the treatment cost is very low in France so should not be a big impediment for most people.

All the best

Hi, im from spain and have a large AVM from de leg to the spinal cord. 3 years ago I had a spinal hemorrhage caused me an incomplete spinal cord injury, I stay in a wheelchair. Here give me no solution and seeking treatment similar to your son treatment. I have sent and am sending my reports and tests several centers in the U.S. and Europe looking. A doctor in Spain told me years ago that team, which was very good but had been dismantled and was half standing, I see not. I will send my reports tomorrow. thank you very much for the information.

I am also pleased to say what the price of treatments in France, in USA are very high. Spain and France also have agreements and make it easy to get paid all or part of the treatment here in the EU than in USA.

All the best. Hope it helps