Problems with Primary Care Doc

Hello! I could use some help. I can’t decide if I’m overly sensitive or if I need a new pcp. I saw her today as a follow up to go over things that happened with my neurologist. My neurologist wrote me a work note through the end of the month. Pcp doc said she is releasing me since the report didn’t mention a note. I’d already explained to her they don’t want me back to work yet. I’m so confused. How can she say “you’re fine” but the docs that specialize in this say the opposite? The neurosurgeon I saw at the hospital during the bleed was awful. He was the one that accused me of bumping my head and forgetting cuz “women your age don’t just have brain hemorrhages for no reason.” Duh! That’s why I was there was for him to figure it out. Obviously, he didn’t. He even released me from his care because he said this was out of his range. I was happy with his honesty. That’s why I went to the special hospital later who deal with this all the time. Anyway… So now pcp says the chart is conflicting and she’s not comfortable with that and blamed me for it saying I didn’t follow his (the neurosurgeon) advice and return to work. I didn’t because he said he didn’t know what he was doing, not because I was being lazy. Again, that’s why I went I a different specialist.

So what do I do? She has my file all sorts of screwed up. Do I start all over with a new doc? Or try to work it out with her?

Does your PCP have to be involved at all? Can you just go around her & use a note from your neurologist?

Wait, you had a brain bleed and a doctor is telling you to go back to work?

Well, ya see… Before I saw the specialists she didn’t want to write me a note for it because the first guy, whom she agreed wasn’t the right choice cuz he didn’t do anything with AVM’s, said to go back. So she wrote me a note with the reason of depression and made me do counseling. Don’t get me wrong, counseling wasn’t bad but I didn’t “need” it. I did it because she wanted the chart to look right.

Yes, I had bleeding in two places. Overall, I’m normal as I passed all of the neuro tests. But, I tired very easily, get daily headaches, have vision issues when I get a headache, have tingly fingers, toes, & my face from time to time (all on left side only). So again, I function okay but I have a 45 min drive to work. So getting there and being able to function the 8 hours is a problem. For example, Walmart is about a 10-15 min drive. A simple trip to there with an hour max of shopping time, is exhausting! I’ve tried doing other things. I work for Walt Disney World so I went into the parks a few times. My saving grace for those trips was having to stop and nurse my daughter. Had I not taken rest periods, couldn’t have done it.

I'm confused.. If the neurologist wrote you a note to be off till the end of the month. Where is the note?


right , I would have copied her a note for her file an kept my original for my self and my job. I have to like my pcp and know they have a brain to work with, not all do. My four yr old had cancer in the very late stages an his pcp said for one year he was not even sick ! No he wasn't sick he was dying right in front of her. I had HMO then and could not even afford a second opinion. she got me a second opinion , her fellow doctor out of her office, he says yea she’s right nothing wrong. UH he has a tumor the size of a huge ball on his neck and several now popping out of his chest , won't eat and won't hardly move any more. He's not sick. It was caught by a xray tech ! He had Hodgkins staged in 3B. OMG get a new doctor. some are too arrogant to know anything. Remember they are just HUMANS :>)

I had a copy with me and gave her a copy. Her argument was since it wasn’t in the report, it must mean they didn’t think I needed it but gave it to me anyway. Why would they give me one if I didn’t need it? Oh wait, she made me go to counseling when I didn’t really need it… (I will admit that turned out fine but it was a necessity.)

Well, exactly, the chronic fatigue a lot of us experience, even years later is why it seems odd that the doctor feels you are able to go back to work full time so soon is just weird to me.

Exactly. I checked with insurance today for another doc. Gonna call tomorrow!

Thanks everyone for your input. I truly appreciate your support.